The Client: 
bauMax AG is an international family-run business which was founded in Austria over 35 years ago. Today, bauMax is the market leader in 8 Central and South East European countries: Austria, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Slovenia, Croatia, Romania and Bulgaria. With 137 home improvement centres and 10,000 employees, the company generates sales revenues totalling EUR 1.42 million. In accordance with its corporate vision bauMax seeks to promote DIY and home improvement in Central and South East Europe, and for more than 30 years has helped customers realise their dream homes. 

The Project (Rent-a-CFO): 
The massive expansion in Central and South East Europe and the introduction of SAP in these new markets led to bottlenecks in management capacity. By temporarily taking on senior management positions in Accounting and Controlling, Management Factory lent its expertise to support bauMax's expansion activities. During the one-year project, Management Factory played a key role in introducing the SAP ERP system and a new reporting system, and in preparing strategic business plans. With its comprehensive know-how, Management Factory was heavily involved in preparing the annual financial statements. Other activities included developing a concept for IT support in Controlling and designing a balanced scorecard for the stores.


  • take over of management positions in accounting and controlling within a short term
  • building a long-term strategic planning of the Group
  • participation in the SAP implementation from the perspective of financial Management

The Project (Treasury):
As part a turnaround project bauMax Group identified the need for a weekly rolling cash forecast. Management Factory accounts for the conception, the setup and   continous update of the liquidity plan. The projected extended for a longer period and included active cash management and developing cash-optimizing strategies.


  • Develop and implement a group-wide cash forecasting and reporting tool
  • Develop cash-optimizing strategies for bauMax Group
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