The Client:
The Duktus Group develops, produces and markets high-grade ductile iron systems for transporting water. 
At the production site in Wetzlar in Germany and in the subsidiary sales- and distribution companies in Europe and the Middle East they employ more than 300 people. With a group turnover of more than 100 million Euros, Duktus is one of the largest European suppliers of ductile iron pipe systems.

The Project:
Financial bottlenecks in the municipal economy led to a declining demand situation at investments in the water supply industry. Thereby Duktus was heavily affected by this situation. As of June 2012 management factory took over the position of the CEO at ductus holding with the main working areas in the strategic orientation of the group, new applications and customer groups and the optimization of business processes. Furthermore there was a strong focus on one production site and the stabilization of the financial structure. 


  • Secured financing
  • Production site sold to local management
  • Business processes streamlined
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