Richard Bittner

The Client:
Richard Bittner AG is an international group of companies in the field of herbal medicines. The group develops, manufactures and markets high-quality herbal medicines and other innovative products that are only available in Austrian pharmacies. It is a reliable partner in the fields of health management, prevention and treatment for patients, pharmacists and physicians alike. The product portfolio includes cutting-edge preparations for a wide range of applications, from medicines to medical products, food supplements and cosmetic products.

The Project (Rent-a-CFO):
For a twelve month period from January 2006 to January 2007, Management Factory supplied the chief financial officer for the holding company. Management Factory was tasked with selling 100% of the company’s shares. In early 2007 the group was sold to the publicly traded Belgium-based Omega Group.


  • Handling an international business sale together with an investment bank
  • Obtaining a sales price that was several times higher than the company’s annual revenues.
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