The Client:

The Roncalli group established in 1976 by Bernhard Paul and located in Cologne includes the renowned Circus Roncalli, the Varieté Theater Apollo in Düsseldorf, a large event and market division as well as the Villa Eliana, an event location in Mallorca. Roncalli has about 170 employees plus many artists. Sales add up to 24 million euro. The group of companies focuses on family entertainment. Every year it enchants more than 500.000 visitors in the Circus and in the Apollo. Furthermore Roncalli organizes (company) events, shows on cruise ships and Hamburg’s Christmas Market. In 2019 the 25th Life Ball in and in front of Vienna’s City Hall was put in stage in cooperation with Roncalli.  

The Project:

A manager of the Management Factory has been chairman of the advisory board since 2015 supporting Bernhard Paul, the CEOS and the family.  


  • Typical agenda of an advisory board (e.g. release of budgets and appointment of CEOs)
  • Reorganization of the the group’s companys
  • Approval of rules of procedure for the management board
  • Formulation of a family charter
  • Major investment decisions (e.g. renovation and extension of the wintering grounds in Colonia)
  • Strategic papers (development of the event department and focus on digitalization)
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