The Client:
The core business of the SWH Group is the generation of heat and green electricity. The group operates 27 district heating plants in medium-sized towns throughout Austria, such as Obertauern, Bischofshofen and Amstetten and provides heating for some 2,000 households and industrial customers. The Group is also involved in the generation of green energy (directly feeding electricity into the public grid). 

The Project
In 2009 the SWH Group slid into a crisis that threatened its very survival: With rising biomass prices, stagnating revenues from eco-electricity and only small increases in revenues from district heating, SWH was no longer able to meet its credit obligations as contractually agreed. In March 2009 Management Factory took up the position of managing director at SWH, and also supplied a restructuring manager for two years. Between 2009 and 2011 a finance package was agreed with the banks and the shareholders, while most of the plants were sold to regional operators who due to their local contacts had more effective access to customers and biomass suppliers. At the end of 2011 the SWH Group consisted of only 2 plants and the excessive debt burden had been eliminated.


  • Implementation of a EUR 200 million financing concept with more than 10 participating partners
  • Stabilisation of the corporate organisation
  • Successful sale of 25 heat (and power) plants mostly to regional operators
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