(Chief Financial Officer)

Acquisitions or periods of strong organic growth often present companies with a host of challenges in terms of corporate structure. Management frequently focuses strongly on sales and the further development of products. 

As a result, internal corporate functions such as efficient financial management, building up an efficient organisation and IT systems are often neglected and as the company grows become a stumbling block to business success. 

This lack of attention to internal corporate functions hinders the company's development and in a crisis can jeopardise its existence.

What does MF offer? 
Management Factory supports companies after acquisitions or periods of strong organic growth in its capacity as a “minister of the interior” and is responsible for steering the company's internal processes.

A Rent-a-CFO’s activities might include: 

  • Strategy development
  • Finances
  • Accounting 
  • Controlling
  • IT 
  • Purchasing 
  • Logistics
  • Organisation

Management Factory experts usually also take on executive functions (member of the management board, managing director) on an interim basis.  

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