Rent-a-Turnaround Manager

Companies can slide into a crisis for a variety of reasons: the loss of important sales markets, aggressive competitors, game-changing innovations or even simple mismanagement. 

In a crisis situation, companies often focus on finding new business areas or on expanding their product portfolio; often these expansions go far beyond the company's core competencies and do not bring the desired financial results. In many cases, this strategic crisis is followed by an operating crisis which in turn gives rise to a financial crisis. 

Financial crises pose a serious threat to the survival of a company or a group. Only immediate and resolute action can avert insolvency. 

What does MF offer? 
Management Factory supports distressed companies in its capacity as a business restructuring expert and is responsible for steering all restructuring-related activities within the company. 

A Rent-a-Turnaround Manager's activities might include: 

  • Stabilising the company's financial situation, negotiating moratoria with banks
  • Personnel restructuring
  • Corporate restructuring of performance management, improving profitability
  • Revision of business model, realisation of sales potential 
    Strategic restructuring, sale of non-core assets or business areas. 

Management Factory experts usually also take on executive functions (member of the management board, managing director) on an interim basis as a CRO.  

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